Firearms Application

Firearm applications are available at headquarters for any resident wishing to purchase a firearm.

Your initial purchase will require you to obtain a Firearms Identification Card and have a complete and thorough background check conducted by the New Jersey State Police and FBI. You will also be required to be fingerprinted for this application.

If you are only purchasing a rifle or shotgun, then a Firearms ID Card is all that is required. Should you wish to buy a handgun, then you must additionally apply for a Permit to Purchase a Handgun. You must get a permit for each handgun that you purchase.

All Firearm Applicants

Firearms ID Card $5.00 Payable to SRPD
Pistol Purchase Permit  (each) $2.00 Payable to SRPD
Criminal History Check w / SBI # $18.00 Money Order to NJSP-SBI
Criminal History Check (Fingerprints) $30.00 Money Order to NJSP-SBI

If your application required a Federal and State check of a fingerprint records check, then a $60.25 money order is required, payable to the:

Division of State Police - SBI

Box 7068

West Trenton, NJ 08625-0068

Required with Application

Contact Sergeant Jason Nunn at (201) 327-5300 to make an
appointment in order to review your application so that it is
processed in a timely manner.